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If you can't touch your foot to your head, don't worry! We have a class for you

The modern world is loud, really loud.  With our devices, social media accounts, and working from home becoming more common, the lines between work and home are becoming more blurred than before.


Building space into a working week to check in with your mental health is more important than ever.

  The individuality of you and your workforce, make your business uniquely you. These characteristics need nurturing and a little investigation in order to flourish.  This is where a Corporate Yoga programme could help you.

Offering a space for your team to unwind and slow down is an excellent way to quiet external noise and become more present,  Yoga in the workplace is a proven method of doing this.  The methods and exercises learned in just one hour a week translate off the mat, to the desk, and even out into street.  

Can't commit to a regular schedule?  No problem, one-offs or regular workshops can also be arranged.  Online or in person.  Contact me to find out what Corporate Y.O.G.A can do for you

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The sessions are so much fun but challenging at the same time. Kate is really understanding of the mixed levels and needs of the group in our office and caters the class to suit us. Great tunes, lovely stretching and tons of belly laughs. Just what we need after being sat down at our desks all day!

Sara - Office Manager - Cube3

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