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A B O U T  M E

🌪The Eye of The we Bob arou

I am many things, but above all I am a teacher.  My joy lies in supporting you to become everything you have always wanted to be, free of whatever once bound you and kept you small.  We do this through movement, through breath, through our stories.  

You are holding the map, I simply help you read it...

Getting Into Yoga

I started doing yoga initially because it was on in the gym and looked a bit like my first love, dance.  I wanted to get fitter, and getting crotch punched to techno in Spin class was not working for me.  Honestly, when I started I di not like it, but there was something that kept me coming back.  Only when I took practice with Laura McCrimmon in Glasgow that it clicked.  There was big movement and big tunes to bring me in to the present, paired with some beautiful moments of meditative stillness and balance.  This was what I needed from a practice.


Since then, Yoga has been the solid line of stability running through a tumultuously familiar life.  I have found myself coming back to my mat to revive after break-ups, deaths and disappointments.  Not only that, it keeps me grounded in times of elation.  My practice encourages me to really get to know myself, and keeps me driven to live the fullest life I can.  

My Teachers

In 2017 I undertook my training with Veteran Yogi, Advanced Jivamukti Teacher and Rock Star Andrea Everingham.  Continuing my studies, I am drawn to teacher's who, much like Andrea, intrinsically weave Yogic philosophy with anatomical knowledge to build longevous practice.  This is what drew me to The Yoga People.  In 2019 I completed an additional 100hrs in Mandala Vinyasa with Dulce Aguilar in both London and Thailand, and was fortunate enough to assist as part of the teaching team for this course in Goa (March 2020).  The consummate dancer, discovering Tripsichore and Nikki Clair Durrant was like coming home.  I undertook 50hrs of Tripsichore training and practiced religiously with her throughout lockdown.   Alongside this, I have also trained with Joey Miles, Nisha Srivastava, Perla Navia, Simon Borg-Olivier and Faith Hunter - all are absolute legends from which I have learned so much.

Over the past two years I have been drawn to practices outside of Yoga that reinforce it's essence on emancipation and connection.  Studying the Enlifted Method of storywork coaching gave me the push I needed to get out of my own way and get living present and expansively.  

What I Offer

Know Yourself / Trust Yourself / Feel Good

The Yoga mat has been a place where I have really gotten to know myself, through an ongoing Waltz of changing and rearranging my strengths and limitations. With that in mind, I offer you the opportunity, time and support to explore your body as you'd like to in practice.  I believe in your capability to move and it's capacity to become a meditation, to get out of your head and into your body.  The more we get to know ourselves on the mat, the more ownership we take over ourselves, the less we become victims swept up in the mele of modern living.  This is a philosophy I live by.  I have seen the benefits both in myself and my students - and it feels good!  I'm excited to share my passion and nuggets of knowledge with you on the mat.

Want to give it a try?  Click here to see the schedule, or here to send an enquiry.

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