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For a Winter Reset...

Somerset Fun House - 19-22 Jan 2024

Do you remember what it was like to dance for fun, sing for fun, draw, create or have hobbies for fun? Before you became self conscious about needing to be ‘good’ at something in order to enjoy it. Before things were only a valuable use of time if they were considered productive or a way to make money? For Twin Flame Productions latest offering Lucy & Kate would like to assist you in getting back to that time, help you to re-connect to your carefree inner child. 

Aside from the yoga one would expect morning and night on a yoga retreat, there will also be an afternoon Ballet Barre class with Kate and an afternoon Shake The Dust with Lucy. All classes are totally optional you can attend as many or as few as you would like. Perhaps you’d rather be getting creative on the scribble wall, curling up on a squashy sofa reading a book, exploring the beautiful Somerset countryside, splashing about in the hot tub or maybe you want to repeatedly bomb down the indoor adult sized slide that ends in a ball pool?


What is included?

Other than our sparkling wit & conversation we will provide

  • 6 yoga/meditation practices.

  • 1 Ballet Barre

  • 1 Shake the Dust

  • Daily brunch & dinner & snacks

What is not included?

  • Transport to Somerset.

  • Closest Train Station is Taunton. Closest airport is Bristol. We will organise car sharing for those that are interested nearer to January

Click here for more information and to book


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