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Elemental Connections
Tafdna 27-31 March

For those who feel that more than one person on the beach is crowded...Welcome to Tafdna.  Located approximately three hours north of Agadir, this sleepy village is a one of Morocco's most stunning landscapes and best-kept secrets amongst the surfers and hikers alike.  During this weekend we will explore our connection to the elements of Water, Earth, and Air with daily yoga practices and outdoor activities.  At night we harmonise Fire and Ether with fire ceremonies held under the stars.  This is a small group trip so extra attention can be given to you.  If you are craving the opportunity for space and connection, click the link below to be the first to hear the details.


Sample Day - 

Sunrise Meditation

Yoga Practice


Activity - Guided Hike, Sandboarding, Surfing 

Afternoon Snacks

Yin Yoga


Fire Ceremony and star gazing

What's Included - 

Twice daily yoga

Brunch, snacks, dinner; all authentic Moroccan fare

Outdoor activities and equipment hire


Transfers from Agadir Airport/locations en route

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