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Creating community through mentoring and guidance.

Find you teacher magic in 2023

Working in the Yoga space is highly rewarding, but not without its challenges. 

There is a lot of hustle, a lot of time alone, and a lot of social media comparison.  Overwhelm is frequent, and there is little guidance as how to navigate this minefield of an industry. 

I started out 6 years ago with a ‘fake it till you make it’ confidence – this got me pretty far pretty quickly.  There have been many successes, some not-so-great moments, and a couple of OMG aaahs!  All of which have given me a breadth of experience to draw from and have helped me form Galvanise. 

Mentorship has been invaluable to me throughout my journey, and I am stoked to offer value to the gorgeous Manchester yoga community.

My aim with Galvanise is to create confidence and community through mentoring and guidance, in a way that is approachable, affordable, and fun.

In the first quarter of 2023 we will look at:

  • Business planning for the year ahead

  • Harnessing your unique teaching style

The group is aimed at Yoga teachers, but PT’s, Pilates/Group Exercise and anyone who feels like they may benefit from a group to bounce and thrive in are welcome.

The fun takes place 1.30pm - 3.30pm at Kampus Manchester

15th January / 12th February / 12th March


£20 per session / 3x£50

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