M Y  S T Y L E 


Classes are open to practitioners of any level, all I ask is that you have done some form of exercise/movement-based practice before so you can look after your body in space, particularly as we our now online. 



Everybody gets to do what they want - Larry Schultz, creator of the Rocket practice.

A series of powerful sequences based around the Ashtanga series, incorporating the more-strength based elements of yoga (think planks, arms balances, lunges et al).  Asana will be broken down so you can really feel in to what you are doing and execute the movements safely...and sweatily.

Mandala Yoga

Drawing from my training with Dulce Aguilar of The Yoga People, we will move in all directions and work around a specific element or mood.  Modifications will be given so no matter what your experience you can find your inner rhythm. 

Yoga Club

All about the practice and the connection.  An open-hearted, welcoming Vinyasa practice catering to all levels.

Dig Deep

A workshop-style class going behind the asana and navigate the 'why' behind the practice a little more.  Each month will either be a Mandala, Rocket or Vinyasa practice working around a theme so you can get the movement in the body and explore the sensation further.


A hybrid of pilates, dance and strength training delivered in a low-impact style so it's suitable for all.  Don't be fooled by low-impact - we pulse till the achy-shaky-burn starts...and then for a bit longer!  Expect to spend the rest of the day marvelling at your own bottom.

Yin Yoga

I lovingly describe this as 'creative lying down'.  Poses are held for 3-5 minutes and are designed to stress specific target areas to harmonise chi flow in the body.  You will leave feeling cool, calm and damn lovely.

Prana Club

In sanskrit prana translates to 'vital energy', and is often described as 'breath' or 'life force'.  In this half hour session, we use the breath as a barometer to develop self-awareness - how am I today?  When we breath better, we live better, fact.  Learn to use this easily accessible tool to listen to a love your body.

I teach in the vinyasa flow style - the movement as 'progressive sequences that unfold with inherent harmony and intelligence'.  Every movement links into the next, no stop/starts, and requires you to consciously try linking breath to body.  The process of doing this has led to Vinyasa being frequently described as 'movement meditation' - and I would totally agree.  Through the constant exchange of prana and asana, a meditative state is achieved a lot quicker, allowing you to truly be present on your mat.  Elements of dance technique, strength training, animal movement and somatics are thrown into the mix to allow you to explore different styles of movement - because variety is the spice of life.